Been awhile.

February 27, 2001 -

...a month at that. So The Man now has a name, Nick. Nick and I have been dating since that fateful entry just a few weeks ago. Itís kinda interesting how it all panned out. From the moment he first walked into my apartment (although it took 2-3 weeks to admit it) I knew there was a connection between us. Something in his eyes captured me. Yeah, yeah...what a with it! Anyway, the date last mentioned, he asked me out on an official date. At first I said no, and I think I hurt his feelings, after all I thought I only wanted a fuck buddy. But then as I was driving to work the next day, I felt pangs of guilt because I already cared for this guy. How can a slut fuck a man if thereís emotional attachment involved. So I emailed him hoping the offer still stood. Actually, I believe my exact words were something like... ďIím going to be the typical female and change my mind...Ē

Six weeks later and we are going stronger than I ever thought possible.

It's pretty intense. Intense in a good way. I can see myself spending a *whole* lot of time with Nick. In the LTR kind of sense. And the sex is still mind blowing. It literally gets better every time! Even better, Iím falling in love with him. And he knows all this, so it should not come as a surprise when he reads it ...(Note: Heís as encouraging of this journal as Nia, in fact he ďboughtĒ me my own domain for Valentineís Day, everyone say Aw!!!)...

We have our first weekend away together next week. San Diego. Iím hoping itís sunny and relatively warm. I was in Vegas last weekend and the weather SUCKED! We didnít go out at night because it was cold and rainy. Typical Seattle winter weather on the Strip in Vegas. Ugh!! Anyway, Iím looking forward to getting away once again. This time with a very special man that treats me like the Goddess I am. I just hope he understands how much I appreciate that, and how much I hope Iím treating him the same.

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