And so it begins....

January 22, 2001 -

Iíve had many a-friend say how great it would be to document by recent dating endeavors. Letís date itís been 18 men since the end of August. And NO...I did not sleep with them all. only a few...

You want to know why dating in Seattle sucks? Just review my history. Itís quite entertaining. Or so Iím told. Hell, I cannot lie; I get quite the kick out of it. I mean come on! Just what kind of idiots do men make us women out to be? Most of us are pretty intelligent and tired of playing the Airhead-Flipping-Hair-While-Casually-Laughing game. That worked in college. Iím tired of the chase, of the games; letís get down to business!

And I guess thereís more to it than that. Iím going through a combination dating-to-find-a-long-term-thing AND slut phase. Never had the slut phase in college. Here I am on the net coming out that yes, I lost my virginity at 24. Underneath the dining room table of my best friendís boyfriendís apartment at my Good-bye NJ party. (grin) And thatís not the most interesting placed Iíve hooked up either. If you are that intrigued, just ask. I have no secrets.

But last night...WOW! OK girls, back me up here, size often does matter. And boy was he endowed. The biggest Iíve had to date. I bled like a virgin. (you know thereís something freeing about being completely and totally honest when you know your friends and family arenít reading) Well OK, not gushing or anything... Just a little spotting to remind me that not all men are created equal. I am getting chills just thinking about it. Thereís something about this guy, in a Worship The Goddess kinda way. Heís even suggesting a weekend trip to Vegas to play out a little fantasy of his. Christ! Iím fucking a man with an imagination! Sigh... I do have to say, Iím enjoying being a slut J

Thatís it for tonight. Thanks for tuning in. Iíll try to do this regularly. Itís all Niaís fault. Iím hooked on the online journal!

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