Girlfriend is on FIRE!

January 25, 2001 -

Iím in the midst of getting ready for a date. Well, maybe date isnít the right word...dinner and a fuck? Dinner and a night of passion, heaving, raw, pained & pleasured sex...with a man thatís hung like Iíve never seen before! Sigh... When things werenít going well with the Deep Thinker, I started to look again. Not so much for a dating thing, more of a sex friend. A fuck buddy. And Oh My Goddess did I find one!

It all began on Nerve, familiar with it? Iíve responded to some personals, emailed and conversed with some sick men. Too sick for my tastes! Iíve made a friend in NYC, we have phone sex every once in awhile. I met a man that came over for one night of kissing, biting, massage and naked photos. I ran into Psycho Phone Boy again, UGH!

Then there was The Man with the Blue Bag of Tricks. We were online at the same time, we flirted, we exchanged IM IDís. We flirted more. We got hot and heavy in the IM world. Talking about some of our wildest sexual fantasies. Which led to me giving my phone number so I could be read an erotic tale. Then we had phone sex. The tension began to mount. We started sending nasty emails about what we wanted to do to each other. He started calling me Goddess (which we ALL know I am, itís just SO nice when a man affirms it). I can just hear him now...Cum for me Goddess! More erotic stories, more phone sex, more lewd IM conversations.

Then last Sunday I had a date with the Thinker. Home early as he was feeling a bit ill. Home and frustrated Ďcause Jeez was I in the mood! Online to check the email and there was The Man. He IMíed me first. Knowing I had a date that night he asked how it went. I said wonderful. He asked if I got laid. I said no. He said he wished I had accepted his invitation to come over to his home that day and lay by the fire while he worshipped my body. I said I wish I did too. He said he wanted my flesh then, right then. I asked what was stopping him. He said directions. 40 minutes later we are tearing each otherís clothes off in my bedroom.

So I guess thatís more detailed than my last entry. More secrets from my bedroom. Heíll be here in about 30 minutes for dinner. Then dessert, which will be ON me for his pleasure. Sigh....

Then I have a date tomorrow too. Another man I met on Nerve. We connect both intellectually and sexually. Yet tomorrow is the big Face to Face...weíll see what happens. Stay tuned for more!!

And Saturday is date #4 with the Thinker. I believe, he still hasnít responded about that party.

Thatís it boys ní girls. I gotta motor and make myself all sensual for The Man.

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